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About Us

Om Republic was created from a yoga, dance and green enthusiast’s search for an activewear wardrobe rooted in wellness. We offer stylish and functional activewear using eco-friendly fabrics, and create designs with a soft look that reflects the calming and non-competitive nature of pursuits such as yoga, pilates and dance.

Our designs are distinguished by clean lines, flattering styles, and subtle details that add an interesting twist. Each piece is designed to provide freedom of movement and ease of wear. Made from organic cotton yarn, with spandex for stretch, our garments are naturally breathable, comfortable and soft--with reduced impact on the environment.

Based in Singapore, Om Republic has its roots in the East, with an aesthetic that travels the world. The complete line is available at and also distributed through select retailers.

Why Organic Cotton?

With environmental sustainability and green living in mind, we chose to use organic cotton for the fabric of our garments, with a touch of spandex for stretch.

Organic cotton is grown using a system of farming that maintains and replenishes soil fertility without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Through environmentally sound practices, organic cotton growers and processors work to sustain the health of the earth while providing quality cotton for consumers.

By using organic cotton yarn to make our garments, we seek to support sustainable farming practices, and to minimize our footprint on the environment.